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X Gear 101 LLC was created by Joshua Tydlacka which some of you may know him as "Jay". X Gear 101 started in August of 2010 on ebay with just 40 fitted hats. With the passion for fashion and sneakers, Jay turned XGear101.com turned into one of the largest sneaker clothing online stores for sneakerheads.


XGear101.com is the largest sneaker clothing platform for vendors to sell on. All of the brands sold on our site are shipped by the vendor from their warehouse. Each vendor ships from their own warehouse, so if you order multiple brands on one order, expect multiple packages to be shipped. We are on top of our vendors to make sure they ship your package out as soon as they receive the order from our shipping department. If you ever have any issues, contact us via email, and we will contact the vendor for you. We take care of all communication between you and the vendor. If you ever have any issues, email Devon@XGear101.com


We offer products you can not find anywhere else. With being a sneakerhead, you want your clothes to match your shoes. This is where we come in as we only sell brands that are on point with their colors when they print. Not only do we make sure the color prints are on point, but we also make sure all the clothing we sell is high quality. From the quality of the shirts to the quality of the print on the shirts, we only sell the best of the best.


We are all about exclusivity this is why there is no need for you to shop anywhere else because we are a one stop shop. We strive to carry brands that other online stores do not carry, in fact we have an agreement with a few of the brands we carry to be their only online retailer.


Our customer service is TOP NOTCH, some would say the best around in this industry. Let's just say we do things differently over here by putting our customers first. Here at X Gear 101, we want you to know our main focus is on you, our customer. We are here to back you up! Which is why it has always been our purpose to serve everyone with Grade A customer service which is having our customers come back for more. If you ever need anything you can contact Devon@XGear101.com as she will be more than happy to assist you. 


Every successful business knows that team work is key. At X Gear 101, we are more than just a team, we are family.


Join our movement and see why for yourself why everyone is supporting us. Feel free to read one of the 1000's reviews we have received through Shopper Approved.... and yes we are Shopper Approved!


We ship all orders through USPS Mail. Every package we ship comes with a tracking number. All packages are carefully packed and shipped so there is no damage to your product. Our vendors have 1-2 business days to ship out an order once they receive it from our shipping department. Once the vendor has shipped your package, it usually arrives with-in 2-3 business days.


With the amounf of fraud online, we only ship orders to the billing address.

We do not sell anything that was purchased overseas, remember we are about quality, so we want you to know that all of our products are manufacutured and shipped from the USA.

Our business address is below, this is where returns are sent back to:

5614 W Grand Parkway South, Suite 102-212, Richmond, TX, 77406. 

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