Sole Preserver Protector

This product is a 3M product used to cover your soles and Preserve that DS look your new shoes have. They can be used however on shoes that have been worn, just clean the sole and let it dry over night before applying. 

When applied, they keep your sole out of harms way, acting as a shield from dirt, gum, food, ect. Although, I would still be mindful of where I stepped and try to avoid stepping on these types of things listed above. But in the event you do step on something like this, it wipes off simply with a disinfectant wipe or shoe cleaner and a towel. 

These do prevent yellowing from occurring, but you do need to wipe the midsoles and edge of outsoles down after each wear so a visible dirt line isn't there when time to peel them off. I also like to clean the Preservers and simply wipe them down with some shoe cleaner or a disinfectant wipe as well to maintain their clarity. Further details and instructions provided with purchase.
  • Kids GS - Fits up to size 7Y
  • Universal - Fits Kids GS up to size 9.5Y and Men sizes 7-15

GRIP STRIPS: 4 pieces per set, 2 per shoe. Simply peel the backing off and place them how you would like on the heel and near the toe. For the heel you can lay it side to side and trim it like a half circle or lay the rectangle on longways to where the two corners are just about to the edge of the heel. We recommend the front ones where the "ball of the foot" is, where you distribute a lot of weight, laid across the sole.

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Sole Preserver Protector

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